Animals Spies are Back!

Six years after enraged Egyptians caught and imprisoned a spy bird (and later released, killed, and ate it), animals moonlighting as spies are back in the news.

Back at the end of April 2019, Norwegian fishermen became intrigued by a white Beluga whale that was wearing a harness and harassing their boats. Experts have come to believe that the whale has possibly been trained by the Russian navy to do something, though that something is still the subject of debate. Is it a spy whale, a whale saboteur, or a whale trained to disrupt shipping lanes?

Martin Biuw of the Institute of Marine Research in Norway and Audun Rikardsen of the Arctic University of Norway both cite the Russian navy as the likely master of the spy whale.

Whatever type of nefarious training it is, one thing is clear…the whale is kind of cute. And the fishermen don’t seem too threatened by it. No word yet whether the Norwegians have eaten the whale…

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